Tens of thousands of shots fired. Hours, days, years. You wait and you wait and you pray that today will be the day you capture that shot that makes it all worth it.
This photo is very simple. Just myself, my camera, friends by my side. The one very moment all of the ingredients align - magic.
Of all the shots I’ve ever taken, this one sums up everything that means something to me. Some call them buildings, some call it a tower. I call it home.



like no other.

New York City is a place you could explore your entire life and still never see all of it. As a photographer, it’s a city I dream about. Every corner, every bridge, street, avenue, building - unique, iconic. It’s impossible to see it all every visit. Its a journey I intend to keep trekking and exploring.



It’s better by the water.

In my quest to take the perfect shot of the city, I most often find myself by the water. It’s a city with a shore, and one that makes Toronto look as postcard-perfect as it does.
The proximity of the skyscrapers to the water creates the most magical reflection. You will find most of my shots taken from this vantage point. The softness the lake provides next to the structure of towers looks beautiful.



It’s all about the view.

There is absolutely nothing that compares to the high of shooting the city from way
above the penthouses and suites down below. It’s a feeling you can only know once you have experienced it. Those heights provide a view like no other. Vantage points only a few ever get to experience. It’s this very style of shot that made me fall in love with photography.

DW_07847_FINAL copy.jpg


Only time will tell.

Taking a snapshot is a split second in time. Capturing seconds into one frame is magic.
When traffic becomes beautiful. When water turns to glass. When clouds become haze. This is the magic of shooting long exposure. Something I’ve been experimenting with for several years now. Exceptionally rewarding to take a typical scene look out-of-this-world.

DW_09328 copy.jpg


more to come…