Dustin William

Shooting. Exploring. Editing. Those are my true passions. Photography awards me true freedom. No rules. No barriers. No people in the way of what I want to achieve. It's the one true thing in this world where I can be me.  I love tall buildings, skylines, urban photography. Intrigued by architecture and the city I call home. Toronto.  I love the cool people that make Toronto cool. Always hunting for the city's most beautiful faces. 10+ years designing motion graphics for the nation's most watched television network. My work has been seen by millions of Canadians. Clean, bold, iconic is how I would describe my design work. Whatever it is that I am working on, I put all of myself into my work. It's my passion, it's what I love. 

My work has been featured on CTV, The City of Toronto, Ontario Tourism, BlogTO and more.

I strive to perfect every shot I take. I am never satisfied, and probably never will be. I only want to put forward my best work - the work that means something to me. Photography continues to feed my soul and need to create.