Instagram Stories


Type & Photography

The marriage of type and photography is a winning combination. If you think back to some of the most beautiful and icon magazine covers, those are the two star elements that make a brand what it is - it's distinct look. TIME Magazine - the single-most iconic magazine cover. The message is clear - a star photograph and the brand. Simple but so powerful. 
Although I believe a photo is worth a thousand words, sometimes type says a lot more. Whether it's the message or simply it's appearance. 


Barbara Kruger, famous for her propaganda art is a huge source of inspiration for my love of the combination of type and photography. She popularized the Futura typeface and her work was the inspiration for Supreme New York’s iconic box logo. Her work is bold photographically and typographically.
Over the past few years I have been promoting my shots utilizing Instagram's Stories feature. Whether is branding my shots with my logo or interweiving it's caption in itself, I love the mood that happens when I marry both type and photo.